5 Top Tips for Dealing with Negative Content Online


For everything from massive brands to single individuals, online reputation is essential. Whether its customers searching for your service, or employers deciding if they want to hire you; the prominent presence of negative or embarrassing content among search results can have a disastrous impact on people’s opinions.

Here are five top tips to help neutralise the effect of negative content online:

Monitor Content

Firstly, you need to be aware of what’s being published about you and how it could influence opinion of you or your brand. Keep an eye on search results and think about how pictures and posts on social media might be making you look. Once you understand the full state of your online reputation, you’ll be better equipped to manage and improve it.

Manage Your Own Profiles

In 2016, a third of employers turned down candidates due to their social media profiles. Sorting through and removing embarrassing material on your own social media profiles, blogs, or websites is a simple step that can go a long way towards improving your personal brand online.

Engage with Negative Comments

Negative comments can be made positive if you take the time to engage with customer’s concerns. Rather than allowing negative comments to turn readers away, use the opportunity to showcase high levels of customer service. Engaging with customers also encourages them to post more positive comments about your brand in the future.

Reclaim Key-Terms

Identify search terms relevant to negative content and incorporate them into your own positive content. The result of this will be that, even if users search directly for negative material, search engines will present them with positive content about you or your brand.

Promote Positive Content

Posting high quality content via blogs, videos and social media profiles – as well as commenting on more influential blogs – will create a network of positive material related to you brand. If done with a high enough quality, the positive pages should outrank the negative in search results and therefore make them less visible.

Uploading high quality content doesn’t only have to be about dealing with negative material though. A strong online presence that’s engaging to customers will shine your brand in a positive light and improve your overall brand image.

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