The Basics Of Online Reputation Management


Online Reputation Management (ORM) can take a number of forms, but it all comes down to one thing: showing the online world a positive image. ORM relies on quality content that gets placed prominently on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP), which will show people the good parts of your business or public persona.

The vast majority of people will never click through to the second or third page of Google, so if you get positive content featured prominently, your image will be given balanced representation online. Reputation management isn’t something you should wait to implement after negative information has gone viral; the most effective strategies are preventive. If you want to know more about ORM, and what it can do for you, have a look at this brief guide.

The Fundamentals of ORM

A successful ORM strategy can be seen as falling into two categories.

  1. Creating a Presence With Great Content
  2. Making Sure the Content Is Easy to Find

The most important part of ORM is the content. Today Google’s search algorithms are designed to promote content that is both well-written and creates interest. This means creating high-quality content for your ORM programme is important.

Once you have a solid stream of great content that shows your image in a positive light, it is time to get it where people can find it. Many people choose to use blogs and social media to do this, but YouTube can be a great place to be seen as well. As stated above, quality content reigns supreme, so trying to blanket the web in shoddy content isn’t a good idea.

Start A Conversation

Social media gives you the ability to engage the online community like never before, so that you can give your image an interactive feel. People love connecting with a public figure, or attaching a personality to a company. Branding has been doing this for years, but ORM uses the same idea to your benefit. If negative publicity ever becomes a concern, you will be glad you spent the time to build up a safeguard.

Online reputation management is growing all the time and many people choose to enlist the help of professionals. ReputationDefender has a long history of getting results and we only use the best practices in the marketplace. Ultimately your online image is at stake, so do what you can to protect it.

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